Monday, 22 December 2014

Sitting in Shit

I have two words for you. Sump Pump!! I know I should end the story here as we have dignity and ego at stake but then again that's for people who give a shit about what others think. I lack this so here it is.

I set the scene: Its -25 out. My wife is in her Pj's trying to break ice outside in the elements, I am in the basement in my underpants sitting on the floor trying to hold two pieces of pipe together and I am covered in shit. I am shouting to her to break the ice, she is shouting back that she's numb, I start screaming that dirty washing machine water is spraying all over me and I cant take it no more, my grip is slipping and when it does it will flood our new house and all our goods we still have not unpacked. Sewage water is gushing while I hold these pvc pipes together but I am loosing grip and bursts of water is coming out every time I slip or my arm gives in. How can this damn pump be this strong. How can this exit pipe freeze up. This is all bullshit I say.

"Call the fucking plumber immediately! I don't care its Sunday evening or how much they charge. This is a life and death situation" As I am getting more pissed off screaming to my wife to get on the phone already. I turn around and find her standing behind me with her glasses all frozen up laughing her ass off at me. I counted till ten then stared to relax and laugh with while soaked in sewage water and counting my blessings that I live in a First world country. After that no amount of bleach and aloe could wash my soul clean.

Go ahead and laugh cause I am done with this story and already moved on...........

Saturday, 20 December 2014

CMHR, #CanadianMuseumofHumanRights

Visited the Canadian Museum of Human Rights as part of an anniversary date with my lovely wife. It was chosen as a venue as I wanted something new and different we could experience together. This would of included a learning opportunity as well in the hope we came away more passionate or motivated from the experience.

Walking up to the building I cant helping thinking that the strange appearance is all part of what makes museums interesting and attractive. Most of the famous museums around the world are designed by mad men that wanted to shock and awe the public with their outrageous designs that only made sense to them. Of course any museum would take you on an hour tour if you would like an explanation on this but if you looking for understanding then don't waste your time. So I digress and quiet my mind to enjoy the view. Why not indulge in an artistic impression which will not be viewed any where else in the world. Get with it George its Freedom of expression, freedom of censorship and freedom of mind. Hence we in the CMHR so I guess it all makes sense.....or does it?


Overall I found the museum lacking. I did enjoy the opportunity of putting my thoughts up on the wall as part of the museum landscape. One had two opportunities to record your thoughts and post them up as part of the museum. I embraced this with all my being and proudly said what had to be said. My wife who is my personal editor and counselor in this fine land was on hand to view and approve of them before the public was witness. I therefore ensured I did not cross the fine line in fear of censorship. My thoughts were posted as below.....
"Education is vital. Remember Africa is not a country!"
"Within a split second your mind stereotypes, Catch this before the conclusion and make it your own"

My contribution aside my favourite experience was the 360 screen playing a first nation message through various persons of different ages. A message of their culture and lifestyle which made you appreciate their being with this small introduction. It was my only emotional trip at the museum worth mentioning and exactly what the rest of the population needed.

I found the rest of the museum to be luke warm. As a South African I need to see shock and disgust to get my mind going. Putting up exhibits that are mildly interesting and not offensive should be removed. There are so many fundamental issues going on at the moment that we need current issues platformed and not government sponsored artistic messages. Think of who owns the museum and who are its biggest backers. Are there any issues not being represented here because of conflict of interest? Of course!! Its sometimes so obvious. Human Rights is on going and not a specific event in the past. Therefore the representation should be on going as well and not exclusive. These curators are in a tough spot and we demand our expectations met. I can think of many human rights addresses that are being fought right here in Canada. I would love to see these brought to our attention in the CMHR. I do fear that the Canadian psyche of self censorship will prevent it from portraying human rights abuses in the pornographically real and violent setting which is needed to evoke the emotional attention.

This is my opinion and thoughts but you go make up your own and then comment on this blog. You can join a tour by clicking on one of the links below. Enjoy the latest tourist attraction in Winnipeg.

Tour & Information
Friends of CMHR
CMHR Hours

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

You can Help these kids too..............

Hello all

My mom was a nurse and worked for Nazareth House in Cape Town a few times. She always had fond memories of all the kids there who were HIV positive being looked after by the nurses and nuns.

Since my moms passing I donate every month so they can continue to care for the terminally ill children and seniors whose families have abandoned them.

Even though I am in Canada I send money every month. The culture where I live now sees the entire city coming together donating heavily in support of those in needs. You cannot imagine how eager the culture is here to assist and uplift the needy. I only wish I was more responsible earlier in life especially in Cape Town.

You know that I am a serious guy and would not mess around with these big useless charities unless I did my homework. Here you have an opportunity to give straight to the heart of those who need it.

So I ask you to think about giving them a few Dollars or Rands a month by clicking on the link. One day your spouse might abandon you because you are brain damaged and they might send you to Nazareth \House where you make friends with some sick little kids who actually puts a smile on your grumpy face every now and then.

Be caring and support them. If you did nothing good today, now is your chance to give back.

Monday, 10 March 2014


I have no idea if SOTS stood for anything. All I knew was that I was one because I was a slave to the higher power.

While in Namibia I joined Centaurus High School. I thought it was a pretty fancy school till we got put in the hostel even though we lived only 10 mins from the school. Dont know if I ever asked my mother why. To make it worse my brother was in a different school because as I was in High school and he in Primary.

I must say I met the coolest guys in the world at this hostel. We got through tough times and had loads of fun doing so. Guys like Donnie, Goodwill, Azane, Cecil, & all the rest. We lived two in a room with lots of space. We learnt the hard way about structure and discipline. You cleaned  your room everyday for inspection and scheduled to clean bathroom, toilets and showers as well. We talking military precision folds in the bedding and lick off the floor cleanliness.

If any of your areas were found dirty you were penalized with points. I think it was 5 points each. These were dreaded like syphilis because you went home every Friday and returned Sunday night. If you got 15 points you could only go home Friday night and not after school. Maybe 20 points meant you went home Saturday and 25 you stayed at hostel the whole weekend. Bloody hell that was hectic. Maybe only a couple of guys did not go home weekends and the place was dead, no one wanted to stay a minute longer on weekends.

As the newbies we were called SOTS. Sots were the slaves of the matriculants or seniors students. You get assigned a senior and your life is theirs. They make you do shit like polish their shoes, do laundry, clean room and buy stuff for the dinner table. I cant remember my senior much but I didnt do much for him. Others were on hands and knees making their owners happy. I think I had a quiet Asian dude that wasn't really into the torture bit.

Some Misadventures:

One day some seniors called us into a room. So 4 of us dweebs had to stand shoulder to shoulder holding the others ears creating a link. Buddy at end had to hold onto a live wire while my other buddy at the other end had to touch a wire connected to a car battery. If I remember correctly this human link meant we shocked each other connected by the ears. Damn I should of been smarter than that!

One evening seniors at the dinner table challenged Sots to drink a whole jug of water. Only George would raise his hand and prove his metal by drinking the whole jug. Feeling very proud of myself, I became worried when he found funny tasting crystals left over in the jug. And so started my 4 hour ordeal on the toilet pot and life was never the same again. Can someone say brooklax

The school was massive with girls and boys hostels behind the school about 200 meters apart. Like true Ninja Turtles we found a network of tunnels accessed through storm drains. We did the only logical thing. Grabbed some skateboards,flash lights and crossed some metal link chains over our chests. We were gonna skate on our stomachs all the way underground to the girls hotels. Hopefully coming up in their bathroom or locker room. Down the ladder we went about 6 meters down into a large chamber. The first few guys started down the tunnel and two of us were left when we heard something above. The seniors found out about our adventure and decided to lock us down in the sewer pipes. William and I begged to be let out and I think there was some tears as well. After some time torturing us they allowed us to climb out. They made us piss into a barrell and when the others came back from the tunnels they stood in the chamber looking up shouting to be let out. And thats when the piss was thrown on them. Glad I was on the other end of that. Sorry guys, sometimes in life you have to think about self preservation.

Good O'l days....

Friday, 7 March 2014

Snow Storm to Newspaper

What happens when you put a guy from the Cape Flats in a snow storm? He lands up on the front page of the newspaper!! I always wanted to be in the newspaper and realized there is only two ways its gonna happen. I either do something really good or bad. My sister beat me by landing her picture on the front page of the Argus Newspaper as the main article for her dedication to improving the quality of life for those who are under privileged.

My best friend Worsie and I were trying to think up a plan to get our picture on the front page too. Unfortunately our youth was a calamity of misadventures and tragedy so there would be no halo for us. Would we empower ourselves to turn our lives around and make our lives a success deserving of a front page story? We could join my sister Gillian and she could guide us through the necessary spirituality and life transforming shifts in order to find ourselves and the good thats buried so deep down inside. Once we tapped into our Pure Potentiality and dropped in seeds of goodness we could take our new awakening and use it positively by helping all those around us who are not as fortunate and in South Africa there are millions. Is this our new path we pondered?

Actually we thought of driving a Mercedes Benz off the pier in the Waterfront making a big splash in the middle of the harbour surrounded by thousands of tourists. That would surely get everyone's attention and make us the most populate dudes around (don't ask)
                                                          Winnipeg Free Press article:

Winter Continues-George Engel pushes the family car which was stuck in a back alley off Grovenor Ave in River Heights Thursday morning- The Winnipeg area has seen near 8 CM of snow and could see another 7cm in the next 24 hours- Standup photo- Feb 07, 2014 (JOE BRYKSA / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

Not as glamorous as I hoped but its a start. Pulling out of our driveway with Elim in the back I was about to turn into the road when the car refused to move. It was so icy the wheel just kept spinning and spinning. Along comes reporter and he makes a deal. He snaps pics of my misery and hopelessness and then helps me after. Well thanks Mr Journalist your push made all the difference and we got to our appointment on time.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

My 2010 Bucket List

Bucket Lists

Found this and thought you would enjoy the read. Its vital that we put our plans on paper so that it creates a registered note to succeed and gravitate towards them. Don't know how boring or outrageous these sound but this is apparently what I came up with 3 years ago...........

  1. Cage dive with Great White Sharks
  2. Meet Justin Bieber
  3. Run a 5K
  4. Visit Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  5.  Do a cancer walk
  6. Start a Social Blog and get thousands of views
  7. Go Canoeing
  8. Go kayaking
  9. Eat paella in Spain
  10. Learn to play golf
  11. Shoot an AK47, Dirty Harry, Desert Eagle & M16.
  12. Go Ice fishing
  13. Go bowling (the big balls)
  14. Horseback riding
  15. Skiing like James Bond – well almost
  16. Go for Karate lessons
  17. Try Fencing
  18. Fluency in French  $500 – just started
  19. Fluency in German
  20. Go for guitar lessons
  21. Go to the latest pop concert
  22. Michael Buble concert- booked already
  23. Snorkel a shipwreck
  24. White water rafting
  25. Get a promotion and become highest paid in city.
  26. Hot air balloon
  27. Ski diving
  28. Bungee jumping
  29. Canopy Tree Tour in Jamaica
  30. See big five (missing leopard)
  31. Ride a giant roller coaster
  32. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids
  33. See Petra Jordan
  34. Explore Mayan Ruins Mexico
  35. Go cave diving/snorkling Mexico
  36. Walk on the Great wall of China
  37. Visit the Taj Mahal
  38. Explore the Grand Canyon
  39. Coin Collecting
  40. Watch all Academy Awards Best Pictures (46 left)
  41. Build a home for humanity
  42. Donate children books to a childrens hospital
  43. Donate monthly to a charity
  44. Explore Cango Caves Oudtshoorn
  45. Volunteer at the Red Cross
  46. Make the front page of a newspaper
  47. Go to a rodeo
  48. F1 Grand Prix $600
  49. Attend Big fight night
  50. Visit Las Vegas
  51. Run in costume/fancy dress
  52. Get involved in a protest rally
  53. Give a stranger a $100
  54. Win over $1000 in the Lotto
  55. Make Sushi at home
  56. Say “ Quick follow that car!”
  57. Plant a tree and carve your name in it
  58. Run naked down a public road
  59. Start a family tree
  60. Give blood
  61. Eat real Pizza in Italy
  62. Send a message in a bottle
  63. Pay for some ones groceries
  64. Own original art work
  65. Go on a cruise….LOL
  66. Go on a Roadtrip Across Canada
  67. Sponsor a child in South Africa
  68. Tour the Colusseum
  69. See Anne Frank's house
  70. Eat a food that I grew
  71. See Michelangelo's David
  72. Make a million Rand!!!
  73. Grow a bonsai tree
  74. Own a BMW
  75. Fall in love
  76. Run around like a gladiator in the Coliseum
  77. Buy pepper spray for the wife
  78. Get published/Write a book/Poems
  79. Go whale watching
  80. Visit Bob Marleys house in and mausoleum in Jamaica
  81. Make a music video
  82. Volunteer at a rehab centre, friends don’t count
  83. Hike the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu
  84. Teach someone to read
  85. Own a Mercedes Benz
  86. Go to Niagara Falls
  87. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  88. Fly to join a disaster relief effort
  89. Tour a WW2 Battlefield
  90. Post a video on YouTube
  91. See an active volcano
  92. Go snorkeling in the Caribbean
  93. Attend / throw costume party
  94. Give up something for a month
  95. Fly First Class over the Atlantic
  96. See a Broadway show
  97. Make loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries through
  98. Kiva Goal is $1000 through The Engel Care Initiative.
  99. Buy my wife a New SUV
  100. Buy me a Mercedes Benz 2 door sport
  101. Attend a Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  102. Start a charity
  103. Donate blood
  104. Eat gelato in Florence, Italy
  105. Donate clothes to Red Cross
  106. Run a successful business
  107. Wear platform shoes and a safari suit to a rave
  108. Shave my head for cancer
  109. Donate money to cancer research
  110. Have an article/letter printed in the Newspaper
  111. Climb a large mountain- if Table Mnt counts.
  112. Stand on steps of Cannes Film Festival
  113. Learn to forgive my parents and friends
  114. Make a difference in at least one person’s life
  115. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  116. Swim in the French Riviera